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Save the Date: 19th Feb 2020

Future Supply Chain Technology

Growing concerns about climate change, resource consumption, waste, clean water and other sustainability issues have brought the global community together to define a shared set of sustainability development goals, as well as a plan for the next decade.

One enabler of achieving these worldwide goals is digital and e-governance — including the use of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to measure environmental and social impacts, automatically make responsible corrections, and optimize operations for sustainability. Though the sustainability challenge grows more complex every day, these technologies can help businesses to operate responsibly — and profitably — via reduced waste, more efficient production, smarter transportation strategies, reduced resource consumption and other stewardship practices.

Learn more about how AI-enabled supply chains can save the world.

The Future of Supply Chain Summit provides attendees an opportunity to engage with thought leaders and leading-edge technology providers for both Supply Chain and Logistics companies and companies reliant on international supply chains.

Attendees will meet key players in the APAC transport and logistics industries and discover innovative solutions and trends during this event and will have an opportunity to learn about new technology solutions which can provide enhanced visibility of shipments globally. Attendees will have an opportunity to share challenges and access business expertise to enhance your supply chain performance.

Supply chain professionals from around the world will come together in Singapore for this exciting, inaugural APAC event.

At The Future of Supply Chain Summit, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and skill set to stay in line with the accelerated pace of change in supply chain. Topics include customer centricity, platforms of the future, workforce culture, future ready capabilities and cognitive decision centers to micro supply chains and IoT solutions.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge on a specific topic, or learn more about current trends, or help us save the world, then the 2020 Future of Supply Chain Summit will have something for you!

“New technologies like big data, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as new values such as transparency and collaboration, are driving profound changes in all areas of our industry,” said Andrew Mathers, representative for Trackster Global. “We are aiming to connect the various stakeholders in the logistics chain with universal data access via platforms that make transactions and bureaucratic procedures easier, faster, more reliable and more easily traceable.” 
 “The logistics industry is looking to secure its operations and increase its efficiency. Our mission is to support this market by optimizing operations through our bespoke IoT solution,” said Davide Defendi, director for Trackster Global Technology. “The Trackster Global solution is perfect for these challenges, since we produce our own data and have developed a standard for those data and communications to be shared between logistics operators. Our ambition is to become the trusted third party of choice for the logistics industry.”

Future of the supply chain features

Top Technologies and Innovation with more Application Case Studies to show you all you need in order to increasing customer expectations and drive business value.

What’s more, we will open the forum to logistics operator and supply chain customer collaboration Opportunity, Omni-Channel Operation, Cross-border E-commerce, end to end Logistics optics and Digital Transformation to leading cutting-edge information and transactions and predictive scenario management.

FSC.Technology- Singapore summit involves thought leaders who are among the most influential minds in Supply Chain industry in the world.

Supply chain speakers share the floor with logistics Operators;

Group Forum
Learn from First Class keynote speakers about the future of the digital supply chain and some of the future technology and leading frontier technology providers of supply chain/Ecommerce with CEO/CSCO/SVP.
See how both inner model logistics operators and supply chain managers can utilize technology and data together;
Business cases on supply chain optics, big data analytics and the sharing customer data with carriers to synchronise productivity, retain integrity and reduce costs;

Sub-Forum A will discuss core issues for Logistics Operators around SLA compliance, profitability and chain of custody, along with their preparations for the transformation of the future of supply chains in the global economy.

Sub-Forum B will discuss about supply chain manager insights and Master-Level E-commerce Professional Attendees to enable maximised supply chain efficiency via end to end cargo optics, big data and predictive analytics;

Group Forum and Drinks, Industry Roundtable discussions connect you with other people in your industry or role who are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities;

Pre-Arranged 1 to 1 Meetings and More On-site service to build the connection with potential clients are available for 2 days after the event;

Depth Communication Through Lunch Meeting +Coffee Break + Cocktail Party at Marquee Marina Bay Sands,

Who Will Attend?

75% Decision Makers
Vice President,
Supply Chain Manufacturing,
Logistics Project leader,
Unit leader Project Manager

Who They Are?

Leading supply chain consultants
Leading supply chain technologists
Global Freight and Logistics Operators
Global Maritime Insurance Operators
Pharmaceutical & Health Care & Bio & Medical FMCG,
Consumer Goods E-commerce & Retail & 3PL
Food & Beverage,
Apparel Fashion Electric Manufacturing & High Tech
Software & Logistics Supplier
Automotive, Machinery Oil & Gas, Chemical

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