Trackster – iOTA Trader


Now you can see what your shipments are doing around the world and create virtual cash on delivery. Using cutting edge micro electronics and global network communications and authenticated data, you can follow your shipments in real time and secure the receipt and payments for the goods. Recording the chain of custody and the payment of shipments in transit and in real time.


Mini Trackster Trader

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Super energy-efficient 3-year battery life
  • Additional Motion sensors available


Trade good with the all new Trackster logistics carrier auditing tool and proof of delivery. This allows for goods to be traded in the secured chain of custody of. Blockchain data point records and the recipient at the end of the journey, a payment is included in the tracking data package for purchase. (Note the device is rented for 1 months including software subscription for unlimited users, we hold a $10 deposit included in the rental price for the device to be returned, that is refunded upon its recorded dispatch via the Trackster App.)