iOTA Sense


Temperature & Humidity Sensor Beacon

  • IP66 Waterproof without external sensor
  • Up to 4000 historical data can be stored
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensor with motion trigger.
  • Button with SOS Trigger function
  • SHT30 T&H sensor(0℃~65℃/10%~65%) with trigger function.
  • Longer life time with 2*AAA lithium batteries
  • iBeacon & Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) and sensor in turn.


iOTA Sense leads the way in the pallet to parcel-sized shipment of temperature, moisture and shock – sensitive trackers. It is redefining what’s possible in refrigerated containers and pharmaceutical logistics, along with managing sensitive freight for leading electronics providers. Delivering peace of mind with robust Industrial iOT Solutions for less than $5 per month (Note the device is rented for 1 month including software subscription for unlimited users, we also hold a $20 deposit for the device that is refunded upon its safe return.)