Industry 4.0

Trackster is a service based and device/network agnostic, offering an enterprise asset business services platform, which will become the world standard asset management capabilities in the near future.

Trackster Platform

A global view of your assets in transit

Future Proof


Trackster aggregates data from devices and disconnected IoT solutions and data sources.

Custom dashboards and reports provide meaningful insights on inventory and asset state and supply chain or logistics path utilisation.

Trackster specialise on the configuration of trade workflows to ensure the warehouse action or transport notification/transaction occurs automatically.

Technology Systems

Chain of Custody

The service stack, consists of five layers: devices and sensors, network connectivity, device management platforms, device installation systems and network monitoring and service platforms.

Trackster Global Dashboard is the top layer software application that business users actually interact with to monitor their assets. Trackster integrates to the network and device layers to capture the data that comes from software applications running on mobile and static devices in the networks and use this connectivity to send location, sensor and chain of custody data packets to the global servers, to help multiple stakeholders in the supply chain to monitor and control the assets/inventory in transit.

How does the platform drive results?

Pre-emptive action

Prepare for a range of actions to take before a prescribed event takes place so that Supply Chain and logistics carrier responses can be as swift as possible.

Workflows will either Alert a system when a parameter is deviated from or it will automate action in real time.

Platform Features

Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Goods Integrity Management

Custody Management

Historical Reports

Goods & Asset Provenance

Maintenance Management