KPMG Benefits

  • KPMG is helping clients to digitise their supply chains, with a prime focus on removing the margin of human error that is having a compounding negative effect on profitability of inventory movement across the end to end supply chain. In the field of advanced Track and Trace, KPMG has partnered with Trackster Global. Trackster and KPMG bring innovative technology to our clients to address a range of customer use cases, some of which are delivered independently through Trackster solutions (e.g. tracking and sensor monitoring) and some which are enhanced through KPMG driven and built capability (e.g. asset optimisation, integration into our predictive supply chain management platform, Origin Blockchain platform and Big Data analytics, etc.).

The solutions offered by KPMG and Trackster Global can be used to deliver multiple strategic, financial and operational benefits for Business. Based on our initial discussions with the supply chain management teams, we believe it could be used to deliver benefits in the following areas:


Operational / Tactical Benefits

  • Real time inventory and product flow visibility (with for large importation businesses ‘inbound supply chain operational insights and efficiency improvements’, supporting cost optimisation and inventory optimisation;
  • Retailer front of store and back of store process optimisation and productivity enhancements through automated acceptance of deliveries from suppliers/logistics providers;
  • Overall loss prevention and reduced inventory loss across the retail supply chain, combatting theft inside and outside the store, especially for high(er) value items; and
  • Improved freight and logistics 3rd party service delivery, accountability and SLA compliance.


Strategic & Customer Services Benefits

  • Opportunity to benefit from reduced freight insurance costs through Trackster-enabled insurance products (In development with international insurance company, expected to be available in FY20);
  • Businesses can offer a customer the ability to locate an item of their choosing inside the store, by offering tracking of the item in store, providing time

Leveraging the insights from an operational and strategic perspective, some innovative sales, marketing and business model changes could be considered and actioned:

Innovation Benefits

  • On sell opportunity of the track & trace solution to mainly the trade channel to monitor asset location and availability as well as prevention and / or resolution of theft cases;
  • On sell opportunity for low(er) cost insurance products to mainly the trade channel; and
  • Enhanced capability to conduct advanced data analytics on the use of the asset / movement of the asset on behalf of the customer (Data Analytics as a Service).