Data Science

logistics, cargo, and transportation expertise

Trackster Enterprise

We continuously produce, collect, qualify, enrich, and certify data to provide organizations with real-time insight into their end-to-end global supply chains.

Data Interoperability

We collect, cleanse, and analyze massive amounts of real-time data from our own devices, but also from smart devices across the ecosystem. As asset keepers and asset users begin generating data streams from smart devices and remote sensors, we can collect, cleanse, and analyze multiple data sets from multiple providers.

Holistic Analysis

Our platform transforms data and distributes the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time. Access to our platform is available through an API. We enable you to make time-sensitive, data-backed decisions with end-to-end visibility.

Data Decisons

Data science and analysis is a rare, expensive commodity in the big-data world. Our data science team combines years of logistics, cargo, and transportation expertise with AI, machine learning, and other big-data analysis techniques. The resulting services enable you to better predict outcomes and make important decisions with less risk.