Tracking that matters

Leave it to the professionals

We Just Track & Trace

  • TRACKSTER digitally maintains continuous visibility of an article/asset in transit throughout the complete supply chain thereby eliminating troublesome gaps
  • TRACKSTER solutions include hardware, software and network infrastructure that can be deployed across a range of asset tracking applications

Where it is.

  • TRACKSTER battery management technology means our devices can operate for weeks or months without recharging
  • TRACKSTER provides real time, visibility of assets and packages across the entire supply chain without the need for human intervention
Have you noticed how it works for logistics

TRACKSTER innovative technology delivers low cost, small size and special application miniaturised tracking devices

With the Trackster solution we know where the asset is in real time, as opposed to knowing where the asset had been according to its last scan.

Daily Updates

Every second counts when you need precision and detail to make informed decisions. Our 10 second real time updates and easy-to-use software is the industry’s best solution for managing an efficient asset

Dashboard Summary

With a quick glance at our dashboard you can easily view and monitor KPI’s like stop time, idle time, and dwell time. This helps you recognise and correct behaviours to become more cost efficient and increase productivity. 

User Defined Logins

Customize user access to set which assets and the level of information they can see. You can create branch locations, and subgroups within the asset pool to quickly identify: Managers, Service Techs, or any designation your asset pool needs.

Automated Reporting

You don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to monitor your assets every hour of every day. Our software can be configured to automatically deliver any report you want any time you want.


With Geo-Fencing you can create draw areas and assign particular assets to a specified GeoArea. Using Alerts or Reports, you know precisely when your assets enter and exit the GeoArea and view where there is asset overlap.

Maintenance Reminders

Schedule and record the maintenance of your assets for easy reminders based on mileage or time.  Automated email reminders make sure you never miss another repair or inspection.

Value and Returns

Increase visibility and utilisation of assets

Increase asset and employee productivity

Identify opportunities to reduce invested capital due to higher asset utilisation

Reduce asset rental costs during peak periods

Reduce staff time required for asset location and deployment planning and execution

Reduce loss of assets and associated replacement costs

Reduce asset insurance costs

Reduce demurrage fees

Optimise service schedule by moving from time based to usage based service schedules

Identify depots/routes/customers where damage may have occurred to assets

Improve asset reporting capabilities

Reduce staff time spent manually locating assets and creating reports

Improve asset planning to meet business demands and reduce unnecessary movements of assets within network

Potential to generate additional revenue as “detention or asset use fees” for customers holding assets without authorisation