Future Supply Chain



Chairperson Address - Peter Lidelle KPMG
Journey toward a connected, autonomous end to-end supply chain that makes sustainable decisions automatically.
Armed with connectivity, control, autonomy and a spirit of collaboration, today’s globally complex, end-to-end supply chains can make the right decisions, to become true environmental and social champions.

Global Issue & Economy: Latest Global Situation Pertaining To Trade, Tariffs, And Free Trade Agreements - Peter Lidelle KPMG

Are multi model logistics operators ready for the future supply chain?
Are multinational supply chain customers ready for future supply chain?
Does the future of the supply chains technology allow for collaboration?


Risk Challenge – Building A Resilience Global Supply Chain For A Volatile World - Ron Koehler Trackster Global

How AI And Predictive Analytics Can Increase Your Organization Value?
How are logistics operators going to prepare for trade under fluctuating trade policies, larger volumes and downward pressure on carbon emissions and cost efficiency
What is the Business strategy for long-term sustainable growth for logistics operators



Business Opportunity: Big Data and A.I -Opportunity for Generating Growth - Andrew Mathers Technology Guest Trackster Global

How AI And Advanced Analytics-Based Supply Chain Works?
The supply chain data lakes and intuitive decisions made with machine learning and A.I for growth
Aligning analytics data to today's customer journey


Supply Chain Frontier Insights - John Gattorna

Strategy as a competitive weapon to enhance full growth potential business


Customer Chain


Customer Centric Supply Chain - Marcus Carmont

Start With Customer, Keep Working On Backwards
Procurement will continues to go digitalisation


Value Chain - Henry Brunekreef

Increase efficiency
Cut costs
Build more strategic partnerships


Logistics Chains - Brendan Arlington

Aligning Transport & Logistics
Digital and Talent on supply chain

Lunch Break

Omni Channel & iOT


Omni-channel: Refining the omnichannel market , enable business growth John Gattorna

Managing Rising Customer Expectations
Top Insights for the CEOs & CSCOs: Supply Chain Leaders ‘reparations for Digital Business, Fostering Innovation While Delivering Profitable Business Results
Industrial Manufacturing: In The Age Of Industrial 4.0 – Transform Your Supply Chain To Efficiency, Effective, Agile


IOT:Next Generation Supply Chain Transformation-Extending Visibility With IOT - Andrew Mathers

Capture valuable bits of data Stay ahead of the competition in industries
Industrial IOT makes supply chain smarter and more connected
Logistics: Global Digital Logistics & Transportation Is Coming


Supply Chain Automation - Henry Brenekreef

Key Success Factors For Logistics And Warehouse Automation & Optimization
Sustainability Challenge of labor shortages and automation
Smarter Automation and less costs in organization


Coffee Break & Pre-Arranged One-to-One Meeting



Innovating In Supply Chain With Blockchain - Jon Ford & Peter Lidelle
How to implement a value driven blockchain
To build transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chains
More smart factories converted by digital transformation


Industrial Supply Chain Case By Top Manufacturing Organization - confidential

Digital transformation for your company
Towards the intelligent and connected supply chain

Panel & Party

16:25 - 16.40 pm

Panel Discussion - Speakers

Utilizing Digital Supply Chain To Enable Business Growth
The Growing Importance Of Technology In All Aspects Of Supply Chain
Customer Expectation
New forms of collaboration to drive customer experience and cost efficiency

16:40 - 17.30 pm

Drinks & Dinner
Cocktail Party & Dining at the new Marquee Bar in the Marina Bay Sands