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The Trackster™ technology has been developed and tested in a global environment, tracking items located in storage, in transit and in the hands of the end customer.

Connecting assets and performance

Trackster is the world standard in track and trace services, providing customers with real time optics on their assets and parcels throughout the entire supply chain.

Trackster Global

Trackster is an international business domiciled in Australia and also building operations in Singapore and the USA. Its core research and development, that has been conducted in Australia and USA, has enabled the development of a range of innovative communication products. Initially products were focused on industrial network engineering and cyber security markets, developing into commercial communication network framework architecture and also manufacturing network surveillance products used by military, law enforcement, government and industry both in the USA and across Europe.

Since its release

Last year, Trackster released our first enterprise asset management solution and the first parcel tracking solution for the consumer market, aimed at helping freight carriers and individuals to care for shipments worldwide, be it the postal operators, freight brokers or Uber for delivery, Trackster has a solution for the end to end supply chain.

Since its release, Trackster Global has generated a huge amount of interest in global post and courier administrations, along with port operators and transport companies, due to its battery life measured in years not days. All of this interest has translated into a greatly expanded product range as we look to help more people in the global supply chain manage their chain of custody and freight integrity throughout the journey.

Our core competencies include:

  • Designing and manufacturing small, robust, devices which are easy to deploy, configure and manage
  • Creating incredibly power and network communications efficient tracking systems with blockchain secured data transactions measured years
  • Indoor positioning systems with accuracy down to 1m
  • Remote Sensing of assets inside shipping containers
  • Creating and maintaining scalable and easy to use software platforms and asset management dashboards
  • Security & Reliability: the data we collect is not only important but sensitive. Encryption and Up-time are at the core of everything we do with the support of AWS and Hologram’s modular communications networks.

Our core solution set includes:

  • The system enables the recording of a complete chain of custody for an individual item, package, or transport container, inclusive of user, type of event, time, and location at a minimum.

    • Trackster Chain of Custody via Authenticated custodians and secured waypoint technology
      1. Scout – Chain of Custody Manager
      2. Stargate – Warehouse Custody Manager

        1. The system allows the establishment of multiple user types, and the ability to configure access to functionality, reporting, dashboard, and alerts based on user role and user location.
        2. There is an unlimited Authenticated user interface available for any device.
        1. The ability to support tracking to and from both primary and sub-locations on the same site, as defined by operational workflows.
          1. Local and wide area network tracking
    1. The provision of variable access and data capture options to the system via a wide range of hardware/software configurations and types, ideally with minimal hardware restrictions to enable the solution to operate with a broad range of available and current technology.
    1. The system also has an ability to read/interpret all major barcode formats, including those generated by systems already in place.

Trackster Global Asset Communication Service

A global system to track the end-to-end movement of

individual freight and freight carrier assets, associated packaging and transport containers, from a point of collection through to delivery to a location either within or external to a supply chain network.

Hardware agnostic

Industrial Hand Scanner Software

The Proximeter service allows for the item identification in a warehouse environment, where an asset may be unique or non-unique, and either single use or re-usable.

Trackser Global Software

The service includes the provision of a configurable dashboard and alert functionality.

Trackser Global Data

  • The Trackster Dashboard System supports creation of both defined and ad-hoc reports, with report access configured at user account/location level, and the export of reports and data to standard industry formats.
  • This includes the retention of an audit-able history of the chain of custody associated with a specific asset, package, or transport container, and the ability to access all or sub-sets of this chain of custody history based on user level and location.

System Integration

Trackster Service includes the provision of open & secure APIs that provide access to a rich data and event modelling.