Digitisation of proof of delivery for safer transport operations, for beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

“To keep the logistics wheels turning faster and safely, Trackster Global have come up with an innovative digital solution to safe proof of delivery for the logistics labour force. Now delivery authentication can be automated and made paperless with the use of a small parcel tracking device, that is paired with both the delivery driver and the receiver’s smart devices to authenticate goods exchange in the digitalisation of the global supply chain.”

The authenticated data set on the Trackster Global blockchain with KPMG ensures this P.O.D data remains authentic and enables the sender, delivery driver and the receivers to remain a safe distance apart when authenticating the exchange of goods in transit.

The Trackster Global innovation in automating proof of delivery of shipments to support logistics operations during the COVID-19 virus. Trackster Engineers have created a virtual authenticated logistics solution to safe proof of delivery, the Company operations during the COVID-19 Health Alert quickly moved from supply chain visibility to a world first in automated proof of delivery using electronic devices.

The rapid development of the solution shows the innovation in safe proof of delivery has evolved into global applications in managing the health concerns for logistics operators and their customers COVID-19 Health Alert. “The Trackster Electronics Engineer and Inventor of the SAFE P.O.D App says “This technology is designed to keep people in logistics and supply chains safe and potentially save lives in the near term, then provide paperless automation as the first step toward the future of the global supply chain.’

‘The Trackster Safe P.O.D shows significant progress toward the key priorities set out in the Global Health Strategy to avoid contact and employ social distancing, and at the same time continue with critical services to the community such” says Company Chief Executive Officer, Ron Koehler Ex Chief Executive Officer of DB Schenker.

The innovation in providing a safe method for proof of delivery shows that in any exchange in the chain of custody in a supply chain can be made paperless.

These accomplishments are improvements in themselves, but they also provide the foundations for future progress in supply chain automation and chain of custody management. We look forward to building on those foundations with all our partners in the global express freight community to support improvements in the both logistics and the health and wellbeing of all earthlings.”

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ABOUT Trackster Global, Trackster is a specialist business to business “B2B” Tracking as a Service (TaaS) provider presently focused on tracking shipping containers, pallets and unit loading devices however, with the technology and

software ready to rapidly expand into other B2B & B2C applications via current engagements with leading global express companies.

In the last four years Trackster has worked with some of the world’s leading research institutes and global express freight operators. During this time they have built a team of technical, engineering and software experts, who have delivered cost effective innovations in microelectronics, battery technology, global communications, network security, software deployment and cyber and business intelligence, making Trackster unique and a specialist in the logistics technology marketplace for providing secure data sets for trade authentication via secure tracking of articles in the global supply chain.

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