Future of Transportation: The Telematic Revolution by Trackster Global

Telematic solutions and their correct implementation to support actions in progress with greater visibility and utility are an essential element of gaining success in current market conditions. Traditional utility analyses have revolved around the location of vehicle and engine runtime. However, with the digital revolution of Industry 4.0 Telematics, “big data” is here to offer so much more.

The Trackster Global Telematic Solution offers:

  • The automation and shortening of processes and logistics activities
  • Keeping your fleet compliant with accurate record of driver and vehicle licenses, cargo weight, mileage, time spent on the road, and passenger information
  • Low-cost, durable hardware ranging from mobile devices or tablets to our easy to install black boxes.
  • Downloadable, company tailored Apps for use on any device for a live and wide ranging Telematics reporting system
  • Asset and fleet tracking that lets you centrally and securely store all compliance records with IAP certification. 
  • An increased ease of fuel tax credit claim
  • Greater flexibility and reliability in the supply chain Ensured safety with minimised accidents from missed maintenance

With real-time tracking, simplified apps and dashboard reporting, automated logging, and even cargo workflow reporting, you can rest assured knowing your employees and contractors are safe and your company is surpassing all government standards. Our innovative approach delivers all the above mentioned benefits at a fraction of the cost of current solutions in the market place. 

The future of transportation through telematics creates a culture of safety and profitability through reliable visibility and increased utility. Get in touch to find out more.