How Tracking as a Service (TaaS) can create customer-centricity and overcome Supply Chain Fragmentation?

Supply Chains are trusted across the globe to deliver products on a reliable bases at lowest cost possible and always on time. Fragmentation of established supply chain networks arise from a multitude of causes such the economic shift away from globalisation and toward nationalism, the risks posed by climate change or unplannable events like a typhoon, factory fire or key supplier bankruptcy. Forward thinking logistics companies across the globe are looking to keep up with the rapid pace of modernisation in supply chain management, and technological innovation is viewed as the holy grail of all possible solutions.

A unified emphasis is on building an ‘outside-in’ supply chain culture that not only serves a customer base but also allows for a profound understanding of their unique needs. This serves as a high-value data pool for the analysis of customer buying behaviour and also for the development of predictive and tailored supply chains.

Trackster Global internalised this ‘ outside-in’ method and offers an industry solution, in which digitalised visibility and modelling projects are a major area of focus. As a third party provider of TaaS and DaaS, we provide a simple but robust framework to enable a genuine customer centric optimisation of end-to-end supply chains and significant competitive service advantage through a simple to implement yet Industry 4.0 level of technological modernisation. 

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