The Future of Supply Chain Summit 2020 is only TEN days away!

Due to an overwhelming response to the Singapore Summit attendees, KPMG & Trackster have moved the FSC Summit event to a larger and more salubrious venue, the KPMG Clubhouse.

Special guest, Dr. John Gattorna, – Adjunct Professor, Industry Author and Expert – will be sharing Supply Chain Frontier Insights and strategies that can be used as competitive weapons to enhance the full growth potential of businesses and his unique expertise on refining omni channel markets in the context of current industry challenges. Some of our other renowned speakers include Marcus Carmont – Global Head of Sales and Business Development at Toll Group, Henry Brunekreef – Director Advisory Services, Supply Chain and Operations Management at KPMG Australia and Jon Ford – Vice President at Chubb Asia Pacific.

Industry Attendees:

  • Leading supply chain consultants
  • Leading supply chain technologists
  • Global Freight and Logistics Operators
  • Global Maritime Insurance Operators
  • Pharmaceutical & Health Care & Bio & Medical FMCG,
  • Consumer Goods E-commerce & Retail & 3PL
  • Food & Beverage,
  • Apparel Fashion Electric Manufacturing & High Tech
  • Software & Logistics Supplier
  • Automotive, Machinery, Chemical

Get in touch via Linkedin to express your interest in attending and we will get you registered!