Meeting the increasing demand for home delivery — while facing the environmental impact of one day shipping.

According to the latest McKinsey report, there will be more than 100 billion packages in 2020 – and that number is predicted to double by 2030. In conjunction with a rapidly growing e-commerce, the portion of home – delivered goods and products will predicted to grow by 15 to 30 percent per annum, alongside an equal increase in demand for a speedy, one or same day delivery option.

Miguel Jaller, co-director of the Sustainable Freight Research Center at the University of California, Davis agrees with Jef Bezos on that ” ‘E-commerce has the potential to be better for the environment. However, for that to happen all the logistics have to be efficient and clean.’— “

Indeed, efficiency is key when one day delivery undeniably comes at the expense of the environment. Items are often coming from further locations and are sent immediately with smaller vehicles, leaving fewer opportunities for lumping deliveries together.

Trackster Global’s solution to delivery efficiency comes through providing end-to end visibility. By having a low-cost IoT device allocated to each product, parcel, package, or item ordered via e-markets, we can allow for retailers to optimise their supply chains. And with the help of predictive A.I Data Analytics, future customers will be provided crucial information on the carbon footprint of their different delivery choices, before they make a decision.