2020 Future Supply Chain Summit

At Trackster Global, we believe that the most successful companies are those that are quick to adapt for a future that realises environmental sustainability as a vital factor in profitability. That is why we are hosting The Future of Supply Chain Summit in partnership with KPMG, in the heart of Singapore on the 19th of February 2020, where transport and logistics think tanks and leaders from around the world come together to discuss the future of Supply Chains. 

The event will focus on unique innovative solutions and expertise insight into some of the major challenges facing Supply Chains in an increasingly competitive, technologically advancing and heavily climate change challenged sector. Speeches and panel discussions will cover areas like Collaborative Omni-Channel Operations, Advanced Analytics-Based Supply Chains and how intuitive decisions made with Machine Learning and Predictive A.I can bring increased efficiency, sustainability and customer centricity all at once. Some of the largest industry players in the APAC region will speak about structural industry shifts, evolving geopolitical dynamics and the pros and cons of technological advancements brought by Industry 4.0,  AI, IoT and Blockchain. 

Attendees will have the rare opportunity to have Pre-Arranged One-to-One Meetings with the most influential minds in the supply Chain sector, while sharing highly specialised  knowledge on how exactly new technologies like big data, automation and A.I , and new values such as transparency and collaboration will be driving profound changes in all areas of the industry.