Climate Change demands new Logistics solutions – Trackster Global is here to face that challenge.

The rapid changes in environmental patterns have been a great influence in our work, given that there is the potential to avoid an estimated 9.9 billion metric tons of net CO2 emissions in the logistics sector alone, according to estimates of the The World Economic Forum.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of the sector, the need for increased visibility and insight into supply chains and logistic operations has never been more evident than at present time.

With the help of KPMG, data analytics combined with Trackster Global IoT hardware and software services will provide ground-breaking, innovative ways to revolutionise whole industries. Machine learning will allow for high-end predictive supply chain optimisation, including the identification of the smallest inefficiencies along the entire chain network. It will drastically improve predictions on future demand for production and provide for more accurate measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The data gathered will open doors for drastic reductions in waste production and carbon footprint in a time where corporations are increasingly held accountable for environmental impact.

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