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Delivering profitability via logistics efficiency.


SaaS platform for tracking and trade of your assets and inventory

Industry 4.0 depends on high-performing assets in transit. Improve what you move, and you can manage to measure.


Smart asset management through network innovations and IoT

Overcome your asset management and supply chain integrity challenges with an IoT platform and real world support team of engineers that gives you visibility and control

What is Trackster Global?

Trackster Global is a tech company which has developed a radically new ‘Tracking as a Service’ (TaaS) product for use with clients at different stages of contemporary E2E supply chains. Our contribution to this market is a range of tracking products that produce benefits beyond those offered by more conventional telematics, GPS, and iOT tracking systems.  To accompany this invention, we have developed a ‘service-based’ pricing model that obviates the need for capital allocation inside our customers, and  converts usage to a variable cost basis.

Why we exist.

Our business is to increase the productivity of logistics assets deployed in the field though real-time tracking of asset locations.  These can take the form of large capital assets,  or working assets such as inventory. Either way, we assist management by reducing the risk and associated  of losing or misplacing such assets somewhere along the supply chain. In the process we are able to create a ‘chain of custody’ for the original shippers, logistics provider(s), and destination customers which in effect creates transparency and governance for all these stakeholders, and increases satisfaction levels.

Why Trackster Global?

Our distinctive competence resides in the unique combination of the start-up mindset we bring to the logistics market; the fact that our products are technology agnostic, and capital light, which makes them relatively easy to deploy quickly and cost-effectively. In an omni-channel world, these are all admirable qualities.

What is the future for Trackster Global?

For the future, we intend to continue to evolve our product line to offer full E2E coverage of enterprise supply chains; produce the data and corresponding analytics for faster decision-making; and generally educate our target market about the benefits of adopting Trackster. Over time, through the bureau services we offer, we will accumulate a large data base, and evolve into a vital component of future Control Tower configurations, at either the supplier or logistics service provider levels. Our initial focus will be on segmenting and educating our target market, and overcoming the cultural resistance to change in many of our potential customers, through clearer communications and more targeted, clever, sales strategies.


The first tracking service that inserts the tracker into the asset/article, as opposed tracking the truck, ship, plane, van or delivery person.

Track and sensor hardware, civil engineering, data a.i, and automation - for reliable monitoring and management of non powered assets. Tracking as a service means you don't need to purchase or manage devices; you only pay for what data you use to monitor.


Your in control

Track & Sense

Advanced analytics and consultative supply chain management support for reduction in carbon emissions, transport waste and inefficiency. Solutions will increase logistics carrier performance and enhance customer supply chain optimisation.


Carbon Reductions

Tax & Cost